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Creation and Implementation of an Interior Design Project – Step by Step

1. Creating the concept of the future interior as a whole; defining the main idea, style and emphasis.

Developing the overall concept of the whole future interior is the first task, as this provides direction for all further work. This is the stage when we are listening to our customer and trying to understand how he wants the space to look and feel.

Style, colours, applied materials, fabrics, decorations, accessories, distinctive features - discussion of all these topics helps us to see an atmosphere which we will try to realize in the finished project.

It is not possible to create an interior of the apartment or the house without considering the character, habits and preferences of the people who live in it.

In this stage we aim to “personalize” the interior and develop a main theme to follow throughout the design, thereby producing a harmonious and elegant living space.

Exactly concept turn the set of beautiful thins to the elegant living space.

2. Functional zoning of spaceexample

We find out together with the customer which purpose each room or area is to be used for and then make appropriate zones for each. We aim to optimize the space available for maximum efficiency and harmony.

3. Development of photorealistic drawingsexample

Effective interior design involves careful attention to detail. 3D drawings help to take in to account and to see beforehand all elements of the interior: selection of the furniture, lightning, accessories and all things that will give the interior its own distinctive character.

4. Development of the working drawings.example

Along with 3D drawings we provide the following documentation, which is necessary for implementation of the project and for making an estimate of the total expense.

- Layout with existing dimensions

- Plan for dismantling any existing walls and constructions

- Plan for building any new walls

- Layout with furniture placement

- Drawings of all walls with dimensions

- Plan for ceilings with dimensions, including cross sections

- Plan for floors with dimensions and specification of materials

- Plan for placement of the light fixtures and switches, including the splitting of lighting into groups.

- Plan for placement of electricity sockets and outlets

- Drawings of the non-standard items with dimensions

- List of finishing materials, standard and non-standard items.

5. Estimating the cost of materials, furniture, light fixtures, sanitary wares and all other items which are used in the interior

When we have calculated the full cost of the project and all time expenditure we then provide the most cost effective and convenient schedule of payments for our customer.

6. Financial scheduling

The financial schedule is made on the basis of the construction schedule. Development of the financial schedule provide the timely supply of all materials and goods which are necessary for continuation and finishing works.

7. Supervision

We provide supervision during the entire period of the project.

We regularly visit the site and ensure the ongoing construction work conforms to the design plan.

We coordinate the work of all contractors who are involved in the project.

We hand over the key to our customer when the project is finished.

Please feel free to contact us for any further explanation.

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